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Meet Natasha

Spiritual Heart, Soul Health & Life Coach

Hi, I'm Natasha Perez, a Spiritual Heart and Soul Life Coach with a deep passion to help my fellow sisters. To help erase the sabotaging cycle with women who deeply want and need it. 


My professional calling is to guide women to be self-confident in who they are meant to be. Women, who like you, need help to restore the peace and joy from internal pain and trauma.  I’m here to provide solid solutions, methods, and real-life applications to allow you to free your mind and soul.


True transformation starts with breaking the cycle of self-doubt, unworthiness, shame and guilt. I am here to free your inner beauty and bring out the best in you. I am here to help you strengthen your foundation so that we may heal your whole self. 


I will equip you with the tools you need to overcome to live your fullest life by:

  • Rebuilding your relationship with yourself so you can become the woman you've always wanted to be

  • Changing the way you think, feel, and treat yourself

  • Helping you forgive and overcome all the hurt and pain that has deprived you from flourishing.

  • To equip you with Self Confidence and Self-esteem to value yourself and know your worth.

  • Getting you back in tune with your needs, wants, and dreams


God has let me live this beautifully colored life, and he has been gracious to give me the opportunity to share my knowledge with other women. To help them heal, and be the amazing creatures he created us to be.


There are always going to be obstacles but I believe in you and that we can overcome the pain and trauma together. Resulting in being a happy mother, wife, and woman. I will honor my genuine nature, honesty, and love when caring for your heart, soul, and mind without judgment.

I look forward to connecting heart to heart and lovingly taking you on a path that gives you serenity, acceptance.

    Natasha Perez

    ICF Certified Health & Life Coach

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