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The Woman You Were Meant To Be

Online Coaching with Natasha 

Meet Natasha

ICF Certified Health & Life Coach 

This will always be a safe, loving, and positive space for you to thrive. As we work together, I will take all of your experiences, surroundings, and feelings into consideration. We will work with holistic intentions to nurture your journey and encourage your growth.

Every part of a person is as equally important as the next. For us to grow and feel satisfied we need to exercise every area of health for premium results in life. Sometimes one area of focus needs to be addressed for other areas to fall into place. Whatever season you are in, there always is something we can work on to benefit you.

This will never be a place of judgment, harsh criticism, or discouragement. So, if you are ready to take the step into the next version of yourself and reach for more, I am ready when you are!

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What I Specialize In

Meditation & Breathing

Eating, Energy & Strength 

Trauma & Fear Recovery

Love & Relationships

Faith Based Growth

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Let's get you back in tune with your needs, wants and dreams.

Natasha has been professional yet compassionate when working with me. She has been so delicate with my circumstances. She has brought my level of living up and has helped me see that I am worth so much more than what I believed. I would recommend anyone work with this big-hearted woman!

- Kelly H.

I could not have been more grateful to Natasha. I have struggled the past 5 years on and off with an abusive relationship and after working with her for about a year I have made a life for myself outside of what used to be the normal. I can finally breathe and it's with her help that I am so happy to feel alive again.

- Marrisa G.

I have struggled with weight since high school It was never an easy thing to address when I was younger in my household but Natasha helped direct me on a path that was super tailored to me. She helped me find all the ways that I used food as an emotional crutch and instead how to listen to what my body was really telling me. I have lost 30lbs since working with her and I'm so excited to see where my path leads next. 

- Georgia M.

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Dear Self,
You Deserve Better

The Journey Of Your
Best Self, Begins Now

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